Class 12 - Geography Important 4 Marks Questions and Answers

List of Questions and Answers

1.Human development index measures attainments in human development. While Human Poverty Index measures its shortfalls. Differentiate the two based on the indicators.

2. There is a short duration summer cropping season in India.
i. Mention its name.
ii. Which are the months during which the cultivation is done?

3.Define 'Population density'. Explain any four geographical factors that affect the distribution of population in the world.

4.How are ports helpful for trade? Give a classification of ports on the basis of their location.

5.Suggest the measures of promotion of sustainability in Indira Gandhi Canal Command Area.

6.Explain any five bases of international trade.

7.Why is petroleum referred to as liquid gold? State two important uses of petroleum and name two oil fields each in Assam and Gujarat.

8.Describe the major challenges of agriculture in present India.