Class 12 History - Chapter / Theme 10: Colonialism and the Countryside - Exploring Official Archives

List of Questions and Answers

1.Analyse the reasons for the Santhal revolt.
(Chapter 10: Colonialism and the Countryside - Exploring Official Archives)

The reasons for revolt are:

  • The Santhals, found that the land they had brought under cultivation was slipping away from their hands.
  • The state was putting heavy taxes on the land that the Santhals had cleared, moneylenders were charging them high rates of interest and taking over the land when debts remain unpaid, and zamindars were asserting control over the Damin area.

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2. Why did the Zamindars default on the payment of revenues under the British government? Give two reasons.
(Chapter 10:Colonialism and the Countryside - Exploring Official Archives)

First: the initial demands were very high. This was because it was felt that if the demand was fixed for all time to come, the Company would never be able to claim a share of increased income from land when prices rose and cultivation expanded. To minimise this anticipated loss, the Company pegged the revenue demand high, arguing that the burden on zamindars would gradually decline as agricultural production expanded and prices rose.
Second: this high demand was imposed in the 1790s, a time when the prices of agricultural produce were depressed, making it difficult for the ryots to pay their dues to the zamindar.

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