Chapter 9: Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Developing Psychological Skills

List of Questions and Answers

1._________ is defined as proficiency, facility or dexterity that is acquired or developed through training and experience.
a) Skill
b) Talent
c) Intelligence
d) None of the above

Ans:a) Skill

2.__________ Observation is one of the primary ways of learning about the way people behave in a given setting
a) Participant
b) Naturalistic
c) Ethical
d) None of the above

Ans:b) Naturalistic

3._____________communication refers to the communication that takes place between two or more persons who establish a communicative relationship.
a) Verbal
b) Intrapersonal
c) Interpersonal
d) None of the above

Ans: c) Interpersonal

4.___________ is composed of all those messages that people exchange besides words.

Ans: Body language

More Questions And Answers Coming Soon